4 Reasons You Should Switch Your IT Services to Trueway IT

Technology is a critical business tool. With over 14 years of experience, Trueway IT offers many advantages to businesses hoping to streamline their IT processes.

Data Backup

When a company’s data relies on technology for preservation, backup is crucial. Trueway IT offers on-site backup for all businesses on an external drive or tape drives. Businesses also have the option to securely duplicate data in Trueway’s data center or in the cloud. Our IT representatives can also recover lost or deleted files from a shared drive.

Customized Services

Trueway IT helps a business determine which services best fits its needs. Businesses can choose to supplement their own IT department with Trueway’s help or have our representatives manage IT entirely. With a consultation, Trueway can recommend the best practices for a business.

Increased Productivity

Delegation is key in running a business. With support from Trueway IT, businesses can run smoothly without worrying about the complexities of technology. Outsourcing allows a company to focus more on its purpose and strategy.


Trueway remains focused on providing customers with IT solutions that save a company time and money. Monthly fees are based on the number of computers within an organization, meaning you only pay for the services you use. The money saved from streamlining a company’s IT can be used in different departments to continue creating profit.

Technology is something most people in a management position don’t have time to worry about. Let the experts at Trueway help determine your company’s IT needs and handle them for you. Contact us today to increase your company’s profitability and productivity.

3 Reasons to Backup Your Data Before Moving Forward

Virtual data is an amazing resource is contemporary business. Having everything available online in digital form and literally at the tips of your fingers makes life easier. That is, until something goes wrong. Here are three reasons you need to backup your data.

Expect the Unexpected

Accidents happen. Technology isn’t foolproof. As much as we would all like to think our computers won’t fail us, there is no guarantee. Depending on the severity of the system failure, you could lose everything that isn’t backed up. Losing valuable information of yours or your clients can be detrimental. Don’t let that happen.

Human Error

As much as technology isn’t perfect, people certainly are not either. One wrong click, one corrupt code, or even just a push of a button by mistake can create ripples that sometimes cannot be undone. While your employees never walk into work intending to make a horrible error, it’s always a possibility. If you backup your data, you literally take that risk out of their hands.

Spotless Reputation

Words spreads quickly, especially when something bad happens. Don’t let your company be the talk of the town because you lost a client’s valuable information. When it comes to networking, your reputation is everything. Don’t let a malfunction cause a problem; be the business that solves problems because you always backup your data.

TruewayIT has a trained staff of professionals that understands how and why you should always backup your data. Time is ticking. Secure your data before it’s too late. Contact us today and let our friendly experts walk you through exactly how you can protect your most valuable information.

5 Reasons to Switch to HD Video Conferencing

Technology is a continuous development in contemporary business, and video conferencing is on the forefront of the movement. In a professional world where connections and communication are everything, HD video conferencing can open doors for companies and individuals.


It’s Easy

There are a lot of reasons for communicating. Whether it’s an in-person meeting or a virtual conference, people communicate for a variety of reasons. Often it is to get organized, occasionally it is necessary to finish up a project, and sometimes it is utilized to make sure people are on the same page. Regardless of the goal, video conferencing is easy to use and engaging.

It’s Efficient

Time is money, and video conferencing is efficient. Video conferences allow people to communicate without geographical limitations. They can even be recorded and viewed later for anyone that is unable to join.

It’s Superior (to Audioconferencing)

Video conferencing goes beyond just a phone call or group audio session. Not only is there a more personal aspect that a video conference brings when everyone involved can see other people’s faces and reactions, but there is a visual element that can elevate the communication that takes place. Participants can present visual aids, graphs, or statistics that advance the conversation more than an audio conference could.

Get the Most out of Communication

There is a reason that a lot of apps and programs have incorporated an option for people to video conference. Even cell phones have developed as a medium for video conferences because the modern technological world is acknowledging that video conferencing is the way to get the most out of communication. It provides an outlet for group communication while maintaining a traditional audio source and adding the benefits of video.

Staying Connected

A major benefit of video conferencing is that everyone can stay engaged and connected during a meeting. Key members can get involved even if they aren’t in the same place, and companies can have employees in different areas in contact with each other in real time. The easy and engaging appeals of video conference matching with its superiority over more traditional mediums allows everyone involved to stay more connected.

Let the professionals at TruewayIT provide you with the most appropriate and beneficial channels when it comes to your business. Trueway has a variety of products and a knowledgeable help desk to assist your company in taking their communication style to the next level. Contact us today to stay engaged with the latest business trends and technologies.

4 Benefits of IT Management and Consulting

4 Benefits of IT Management and Consulting

For businesses to remain competitive, they must maximize their technologies.

Maintaining a full-time information technology (IT) department can be costly, time consuming and inefficient for many businesses. However, when businesses use a professional company for IT management and consulting service, they can improve their bottom line.

#1: Gain Time to Focus on Business.

Many professionals generally do not enjoy having to give attention to distracting tasks throughout their work day, aside from their essential work functions. Time and effort spent on fixing business technology has a true opportunity cost. However, when using IT management and consulting services from professionals, internal staff are free to spend time focusing on generating business revenue and growth.

#2: Access Specialized Talent.

The complicated nature and rapid change of technology is best left to experts who have strong experience in technology environments. IT management and consulting teams offers access to trained specialists that deliver the cross-sectional IT knowledge needed to provide both on-going and critical support for business networks.

#3: Reach an Edge Over Competitors.

Taking advantage of new technologies that become available will help a business recognize a competitive edge against competitors. Utilizing the management and consulting skills provided by IT professionals will allow a business to stay up-to-date with the latest IT trends. The capability of these professionals also increases the ability to react to competitive threats within fast-paced markets.

#4: Reduce Costs.

Full-time, internal IT departments can result in high costs, as payroll, recruiting and training are required investments. In addition, downtime of technology systems carry huge business costs, including corrupt data and failed internet connectivity. When utilizing a professional IT management and consulting company, costs are budgets, planned and controlled.


Trueway IT offers specialized IT management and consulting services, which allows companies to focus on their core business objectives by providing relief from the challenges of day-to-day IT functions.

To improve your bottom line with IT management and consulting services, contact Trueway today.

Backup Disaster Recovery vs. Business Continuity

Backup Disaster Recovery vs. Business Continuity-TruewayIT

Data backups can save a business.

With different kinds of backups available to relieve businesses of various stressful situations, it is essential to implement the necessary backup plans that will allow a business to continue running smoothly.


People make mistakes. Email containing viruses are accidentally opened every day and important files are often mistakenly deleted. With a proper data backup, it’s a simple task to protect both the little and the big things within a business.


Today, a backup can serve as a competitive advantage for many businesses. In the untimely event of a disaster, proper planning means a business’ doors can stay open and gain the business of those that aren’t back on their feet.


43 percent of businesses that suffer major data loss never reopen their doors. Simply implementing a proper data backup and having an effective disaster recovery plan can help a business survive when any type of threat arises.

Backup Disaster Recovery vs. Business Continuity-TruewayIT


When a business suffers a minor or major failure and does not have a plan in place, some data and work that took months to complete may be gone for good. Choosing not to implement a plan decreases efficiency and productivity for a business.

However, despite all of the benefits of backups, backup disaster recovery services do include a minor setback: while the server is being repaired, there is no access to the server for up to several days.

At Trueway IT, we offer a business continuity backup option on all business technology–providing a turnkey IT solution. When utilizing this service, if a business’ server crashes, our system can temporarily replace the server within ten-to-thirty minutes of the original server crash–ultimately promoting business continuity with minimal downtime.

For managed IT services, trust the professionals at Trueway IT to have your equipment running to its full potential. Contact us today.

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