Data Backup

With Trueway IT, you have options when it comes to backup solutions.

Not only do we keep your data safe and secure, but we have a lot of fun doing so. You may not think of backing up computers as fun, but we have a system that does some really cool stuff! We always start with an on-site backup, whether it be done on an external drive or via “old school” tape drives/carousels. We then have the option to securely duplicate the data off-site in our data center or even in the cloud … but that is not the fun part. If your server were to crash and need repair or replacement, we have the capability to turn that backup into a virtual server until your equipment is back up and running. We can also do a file level restore if someone in your company accidentally deletes a file or folder on a shared drive.

Contact us today and ask us about our data recover options and which solution is right for you!


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